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Daragh Soden

Daragh Soden






Dublin, Ireland

Honored at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography in 2017, Daragh is one of the artists in the collection who was chosen by an outside jury.


We discovered his work at the Festival, through a set of pictures that told the story of the young people of Dublin.


He is particularly interested in themes of identity and multiculturalism and with the agreement of Jean-Pierre Blanc, the Festival founder, we gave him free rein to photograph Toulon, a city that he didn’t know very well until he came to the festival.


He explored this multicultural city through its inhabitants and their daily lives, as well as the naval base.


With the strange beauty of a maritime complex that’s off-limits to the general public, ‘La Rade’ sets the tone for the port city. Daragh was able to enter the high-security area to photograph another side to life in Toulon, the military life we often imagine as austere.


Yet in his pictures, the sun envelopes each piece of military equipment with shimmering gold. Daragh gave us a very fair portrait of the city, a ‘normal town’ that is extraordinarily lively. 


Clémentine Larroumet