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Artist Submission

To all artists, photographers and illustrators,

We love when you show interest in our collection and want to share your work with us.


We do, however, receive many submissions so it may take some time for us to get back to you. We are a small team working on the collection and we only publish 2 to 4 books per year.

Sometimes we have several years of publications planned ahead. If you want to submit your work please send an email to


In your email, please include some information about yourself and the project you want to submit. You can send us a PDF or a link to your portfolio / Instagram.

Please note that our books are very expensive to produce because of all details and hand made finishes.


Even though we’ve previously published books without asking the artists to participate financially (and actually supporting the costs of the artist), we’ve recently had to change our policy.


The reality of today’s market is that most books can’t pay for themselves and therefor we may ask for financial support. We give all artists royalties on the sales. If you are a company looking to sponsor or co-produce a book, we are more than happy send you a proposal.


Finally, please remember that if we don’t decide to publish your work it’s not because it’s bad. It’s simply because it doesn’t fit with our specific brand image or editorial line.


Warmest regards,


be-poles & the Portraits de Villes team