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 Here at be-poles we're all in love with paper, frames and printing. We love the grain of fine prints and beautifully framed pictures. That's the reason why we take great care and pride in printing and framing.

Here is what we offer:  

Fine Art Prints

Our fine art prints and posters are all printed on Hahnemühle paper. They founded back in 1584 as a paper mill in Germany and produce a paper made by hand without using acid. 

Posters are printed on 120g uncoated paper.

Framed Prints

We're partnering with the German company Nielsen to provide you frames that work best with our prints.

With or without frames

We let you choose on our website to receive your order with or without a frame. 
If you prefer to frame it by yourself later, it's totally fine. We can even provide you a discount code from Nielsen (DHGSAXX). We usually recommend using the frame XX in XX to go with our prints. 

Mat board

Our mat board come in XX cm by XX cm for our prints and in XX cm by XX cm for our limited edition prints. 

Our "Portraits de Villes" Books 

Developed closely with the photographers, we're proud to offer our "Portraits de Villes" collection. 

Each book has its own colour cover, meticulously chose with the photographer. 
The whole range respect the 100% Ecographik™ charter. 
We print our books on Cyclus Print 80g to 90g with cover on 270g to 300g in partnership with Deux-Ponts printers in Bresson, France.